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The Athens Remediation Project

This program shows how, through teamwork, the site of an old manufactured gas plant site is transformed into an environmentally friendly, valuable piece of property.

Challenge:  The client wanted the video to explain the entire remediation process.  The actual remediation process took about four years.  I was brought in after they had been working for 3 years.  All I had from the first 3 years was the few photographs the client had taken.

Solution:  We changed the focus of the program.  Orginally, the show detailed the remediation process and mentioned the project was made possible by four companies working together.  We flipped that around and focused on the teamwork and used the process as an example.  By doing this, we were able to cut out process details which had no images.  The resulting video also has a broader use base. It illustrates a philosophy instead of detailing a project that's done and forgotten.

Editor: Bret Williams


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