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Outage Communications

(The above clip is made up of excerpts from the finished program.)

The client for this project approached me wanting me to videotape several employees. Each employee was to explain their job with the company and explain why communication was important. I was then to string these comments together for the finished piece.  Everything was already set up and each employee had been coached as to what to say, I just needed to show up and record.

The resulting program was long and boring.

Challenge: Try to make this show something that would be effective and useful for the client.

Solution: I convinced the client that humor can be a wonderful tool for getting a not so interesting message across, and with the help of my fabulous editor Diana, we were able to make a video that got the response the client was hoping for.

Editor:  Diana Rigg

Videographer: Ryan Seger

Audio: Mark Benoit


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